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The Girl Light Green

The Girl Light Green

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The design describes the mystical transformation of a plant into a blooming flower and a girl into a woman. The Wayuu people have a very elaborate ritual to celebrate this event. When the girl's period begins, she is released from school and the family builds her own hut. She lives there for months, only going outside to wash. Time passes learning traditional skills from the elderly women - such as how to crochet a hammock. Although it is not compulsory nowadays, many still want to go through this challenge.

Artist: Maria Coronado

Origin: Colombia, Riohacha

Manufacturing time: 6 Hours

Diameter: 4.3 cm

Materials: Cotton, Repurposed plastic, Silver 925

Technique: Crochet

Package: Cardboard (Räpina Paberivabrik AS, 90% of the raw material is waste paper), reuse of cardboard waste (OÜ Järsi)

I will manufacture the product to your order, therefore the time needed to produce the product (usually 1-3 working days) may be added to the time needed to send the parcel.

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