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  • Gifts From Mother Earth

    We opt for natural fibers not just for their renewability, but also for their inherent beauty. They are pleasant to touch and captivate the eye.

    Natural fibers reflect complex, self-repeating geometric patterns in nature, varying in scales and orientation, creating hypnotic rhythms. These patterns, often referred to as fractals, derive from the Latin word "fractus," meaning "broken." 

    In indigenous craft, a "broken" geometric pattern or slightly irregular form signifies an "opening" where the real magic begins.

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  • Wayuu Kirivöö

    In this collection, Ivana merges Estonian kirivöö patterns with Wayuu indigenous craftsmanship. Both traditions are enamored with geometric patterns - known as "kanaasu" in Wayuu weaving.

    Notably, an ecologically sustainable thread is used. This marks a significant milestone because, until now, the Wayuu have primarily used acrylic thread instead of materials like wild cotton, fique, etc, that were used in the past.

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  • Social Enterprise

    We share profits with our artists. With every purchase, you contribute to supporting economically disadvantaged communities and helping to develop an environmentally sustainable model for their art.

  • Handmade

    All of our handicraft items are handmade, using centuries-old unique traditional skills and mostly natural, exclusive  materials.

  • Culturally Conscious

    We honor and respect diverse cultures and traditions, fostering cultural awareness through our products.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    We try to minimize harm to the environment by using sustainable materials whenever possible and adopting eco-friendly production methods. We are in constant development to find the best solution.

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  • Natural fibers serve not only for their renewability but also for their beauty. They delight both the touch and the eye, reflecting complex, self-repeating geometric patterns in nature, varying in scales and orientation, creating hypnotic rhythms.

    The journey from plant to thread is always long and complex, involving several tasks such as cultivating, harvesting, or collecting, as well as various processing methods tailored to the material and the desired artifact. These methods could include cooking, rinsing, bleaching, drying, interlacing, interlining, coloring, and much more.

  • Buying natural fiber products helps the community sustain their traditional way of life and keep their land healthy.

    None of the fiber-producing plants are in danger of extinction, but werrengue and cumare are dwindling in the forests. This is not attributable to their use in crafts, but to deforestation, the expansion of agriculture, and the construction of infrastructure projects.

    Furthermore, Indigenous communities are contributing to sustainability, not only in their lifestyle but also, for example, in the case of werrengue, by implementing new techniques to obtain the plant's core without the need to cut it down, thereby preserving the material.

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  • Heiki Trolla (Navitrolla)

    Kui ma nägin esimest korda sinu kõrvarõngaid, siis kohe meeldis mulle nende salapära. Kohe sain aru ka sellest, et mina neid kanda ei saa. Kardan valu ja kõrvadesse auke teha ei saa. Õnneks mu naisel on augud olemas ja nii ma kinkisingi hoopis talle paar paari. Tegelikult näengi ma neid niimoodi paremini. Muidu peaksin aina peegli ees ennast imetlema ja see võiks teistele kuidagi kahtlane tunduda. Mu naine on ka õnnelik, ta arvab, et ma vaatan teda imetleva pilguga...
    Nüüd ootan pikisilmi käevõrusid!
    Aitäh, Ivana!

  • Birgit Ojamets

    Kuna ma armastan käsitööna tehtud kõrvarõngaid siis minu nõrkus on ainult neid kanda ja oma riietega sobitada. Tunnen end kohe pidulikult. IVANA puhul mulle kohe eriti meeldis, et igal kõrvarõnga mustril on sümbol ja tähendus, tundsin, et need on väga minu kohta. Karpi avades WOW efekti tekitas ka nende suurus ja kergus mida on raske mitte tähele panna kui sa neid kannad.

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