• Gifts From Mother Earth

    We opt for natural fibers not just for their renewability, but also for their inherent beauty. They are pleasant to touch and captivate the eye.

    Natural fibers reflect complex, self-repeating geometric patterns in nature, varying in scales and orientation, creating hypnotic rhythms. These patterns, often referred to as fractals, derive from the Latin word "fractus," meaning "broken." 

    In indigenous craft, a "broken" geometric pattern or slightly irregular form signifies an "opening" where the real magic begins.

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  • Wayuu Kirivöö

    In this collection, Ivana merges Estonian kirivöö patterns with Wayuu indigenous craftsmanship. Both traditions are enamored with geometric patterns - known as "kanaasu" in Wayuu weaving.

    Notably, an ecologically sustainable thread is used. This marks a significant milestone because, until now, the Wayuu have primarily used acrylic thread instead of materials like wild cotton, fique, etc, that were used in the past.

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