The Wayuu bags are crafted using crochet technique. Bags made from natural fibers are produced using various ancestral indigenous weaving techniques, depending on the material used. The crafting of each piece can take approximately 15-30 days.

The Wayúu traditionally used wild cotton, fique, aipis, and other natural fibers native to the region, as well as goat or cattle leather strips, to make threads and ropes. They also repurposed threads from other textile products. However, nowadays, they predominantly use acrylic thread. The vibrant colors of their products are primarily due to the availability of acrylic thread in multiple colors.

The issue with acrylic is its lack of sustainability. Its manufacturing process requires significant energy and involves the use of toxic substances, posing environmental and health risks. Moreover, washing acrylic fabrics releases microplastics into marine environments, and the material itself is non-biodegradable.

To address this concern, Ivana integrated more eco-friendly material into her designs—it has taken considerable time and experimentation to find a suitable regional alternative. However, these efforts have borne fruit with the "Wayuu Kirivöö" collection, which also combines Estonian kirivöö and Wayuu patterns.