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Babilla Eye Red

Babilla Eye Red

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Artist: Roserver Mendoza

Origin: Tuchin, Colombia

Manufacturing time: 3 weeks

Technique: Ancestral Manual Weaving

Measures: Width; 3 cm

Materials: Caña Flecha

Caña flecha is a plant very similar in appearance to sugar cane, but slightly thinner. Crafts made from caña flecha have been renowned since pre colonial times, originating from the Zenú culture, native to the Sinú River region on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It has also been used for various other purposes: the stem, once the plant has flowered, is used to fence houses; the spike of the inflorescence, for fishing arrows; the ear, as a natural or brightly colored ornamental element at home. The bagasse is given to animals as fodder when grass is scarce, and some attribute diuretic medicinal qualities to it. The legendary vueltiao hats and other handicraft items are produced from the fiber obtained from the central vein of the leaves.

The natural color of the fiber is white or cinnamon. However, the fibers can be dyed using natural vegetable and mineral dyes to achieve colors such as black, brown, red, yellow, and green. The fibers are cooked in clay pots with the dyes three times to obtain the desired color.

Package: Cardboard (Räpina Paberivabrik AS, 90% of the raw material is waste paper), reuse of cardboard waste (OÜ Järsi).

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