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E'iruku Gouliyu

Mareiwa, the god creator, crafted people and decided to scatter them worldwide. But before doing so, he divided them into groups, giving each a distinct name. The Wayuu clans trace their lineage back to a common mythical animal ancestor, be it mammals, birds, reptiles, or insects. For instance, the Goiliyu clan honors the partridge as its emblem.

Artist: Epieyu Clan

Origin: Riohacha, Colombia

Manufacturing Time: 26 Days

Measures: Height; 27 cm - Width; 24 cm

Materials: Acrylic Thread 

Technique: Crochet

Package: Cardboard (Räpina Paberivabrik AS, 90% of the raw material is waste paper), reuse of cardboard waste (OÜ Järsi)

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