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Ivana OÜ

Totumo Beige

Totumo Beige

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This pattern mimics the decorations found on the totumo. The totumo, a tropical fruit, boasts a hard and sizable shell. Once dried, this shell becomes the basis for crafting artisanal items, from small trinkets to soup plates and larger bowls, frequently adorned with geometric patterns.

Artist: Epieyu Clan

Origin: Riohacha, Colombia

Manufacturing Time: 25 Days

Measures: Height; 24 cm - Width; 24 cm

Materials: Acrylic Thread 

Technique: Crochet

Package: Cardboard (Räpina Paberivabrik AS, 90% of the raw material is waste paper), reuse of cardboard waste (OÜ Järsi).

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